Exclusive Society, 2017

Gasträume - Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Zürich

10. Juni bis 3. September 2017

Altstetterplatz, Zürich

In his recent works, photographer and artist Peter Baracchi (b. 1982) is turning his attention towards social phenomena in Western culture, as reflected in his installations and sculptural pieces. In his work entitled Exclusive Society, he takes on a highly explosive topic: All around the world, new boundaries are being drawn, or existing ones are being moved. This means exclusion for some and inclusion for others. This drawing of boundaries triggers strong reactions and is a manifestation of diverging worldviews. However, the question of who is allowed access and who is not, does not only play a role on the international political level, but also crops up on a small scale: at one's own front door or in one's private garden. In addition, even though there is a growing desire for private space, our world keeps getting more glassy and transparent.

Peter Baracchi tackles these societal inconsistencies. The well-tended suburban garden, the epitome of the conservative, an exterior delimited private space, is newly laid out in the middle of the urban stony city. It entices with colourful flowers, attractive grasses, rolled turf and a chair. However, a tall barrier fence denies access to paradise. Only the artist is allowed in. Much like chat rooms in social networks, this garden is only a would-be protected private space. It is exposed to everyone's gaze, as is the artist, who documents all his activities in this paradise with a video camera and puts them on the Internet as a live performance (

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